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The Value Line Investment Survey
Program 1: Overview

This is the first lesson in our series, and it will provide you with a broad overview of The Value Line Investment Survey.

The Investment Survey is a weekly publication, and it comes in three parts. Subscribers receive copies of all three parts every week.

Part 1 is called the Summary & Index. It is designed to help investors locate information on a specific company or industry and to find the most recent financial and stock price data on companies. One of the unique features of The Investment Survey is that the companies covered in the publication are grouped by industry. This presentation allows investors to compare all the companies in an industry very easily, but it also means that if you are looking for a specific company, you must go to the Index to find the location of our report on that company. After you find the name of a company in the Index, you will find the page number of its Value Line report directly to the left of the name.

You will also notice a great deal of additional information on a company to the right of each name. This data, which is updated every week, includes Value Line's latest Timeliness, Safety, and Technical ranks, a stock's target price range and appreciation potential, the current Price/Earnings ratio, the estimated dividend yield, and the estimated earnings and cash dividend for the coming 12 months. We also show the latest earnings and dividends for the most recent quarter, as well as comparisons with the similar period a year before. There are also arrows to show if the latest change in the Timeliness rank was up or down, and special marks to highlight earnings and dividends that were reported in the most recent week.

I also want to call your attention to the wealth of information in the back pages of the Index. There you will find interesting stock screens, sometimes called lists, such as Industries in order of Timeliness rank, Timely Stocks in Timely Industries and Stocks ranked 1 or 2 for Timeliness. (We will discuss Timeliness, which is Value Line's forecast for relative stock price performance, in a coming session.) Other screens include stocks with the highest dividend yields, stocks with the lowest price/earnings ratios, stocks with the widest discounts from book value, stocks with the best and worst price performance in the past 13 weeks, stocks with the best earnings growth rates, and much more. When you have some time, you should take a look at these pages. I think you will find them very helpful in finding stocks that meet your investment goals.

The second section of The Investment Survey, Part 2, is called Selection & Opinion. It contains Value Line's latest economic commentary and stock market forecast, including a suggested asset allocation between equities and cash. It also includes one or more highlighted stock suggestions, occasional stock screens selected by the editors, and a variety of economic and stock-market statistics.

There are also three sample stock portfolios, each based on a different investment objective. One is for investors with a short-term time horizon (less than one year), a second is for investors interested in income and potential price appreciation, and a third is for those interested in longer-term growth potential. By the way, the stock price performance of these portfolios is published each quarter in Selection & Opinion.

If you spend some time with Selection & Opinion each week, I think you will find good advice and worthwhile ideas.

Finally, there is Part 3, called Ratings & Reports. This section includes one-page reports on approximately 1,700 companies. It is also the place where most investors spend most of their time. Because there is so much information in Part 3, we will spend many sessions discussing its content and giving you an understanding of how Value Line suggests you study stocks that you already own or study ones that you are considering buying.

You are sure to get some interesting ideas as we go through the individual Value Line pages.

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