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The Value Line Investment Survey
Program 2: Introduction

The Value Line Investment Survey is the most widely read investment advisory publication in the world.

This publication, which was founded almost 70 years ago, is best known for its one-page reports on approximately 1,700 stocks. It also contains one- or two-page reports on more than 90 industries, and a great deal more information as well. The information can be purchased in print, on CD Rom, or through our Web site.

Subscribers include individuals, public and educational libraries, stockbrokers and stock brokerage firms, financial institutions, and financial planners. Total readership each week is more than 500,000. If you haven't seen a copy yourself, you may want to look at a sample page on our Web site.

When searching for stocks to be included in the publication, we look for those with the widest general interest. In particular, we look for stocks that are actively traded and for stocks that have a large market value (generally more than $500 million). During the past year, for example, we have added many companies in the Internet, semiconductor, telephone equipment, and biotechnology industries.

This is the first of many sessions in which I and others from Value Line's Research Department will tell you about The Investment Survey in general, describe the information it contains, and explain how you can use the information to research stocks. Whether you are looking for information and advice about stocks you already own, want information on stocks you are considering buying, or are simply looking for good potential investments, The Value Line Investment Survey can help you.

Before going further, I would like to tell you a little about our staff and the effort that goes into producing The Value Line Investment Survey.

There are approximately seventy security analysts, including myself, who write Value Line reports. Our information comes from a wide variety of sources, including annual reports, documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, prospectuses, business publications and trade journals. We also speak to management of the companies on a regular basis, attend analysts' meetings, listen to telephone conference calls, and take field trips to visit company headquarters or plants. Discussions with management are particularly important, and we insist that our analysts always try to contact company officials before writing anything about a company.

More than twenty-five statisticians and data collectors, and a large staff of individuals in both the data processing and editorial production areas support our work. Clearly, a great deal of work goes into each report.

Most of our 70 analysts have academic degrees in finance or accounting, and most studied investments in college. They have all also been through an extensive training program at Value Line. The training program is designed to teach everything from the very basics of understanding the numbers in a company's annual report, to the much more sophisticated analysis of a company and its securities, and finally to writing a Value Line company report. One of Value Line's senior security analysts is the Training Director.

Now you know something about Value Line. In the next session, I will begin to describe the content of The Value Line Investment Survey. I look forward to telling you more about how you can use Value Line in making your investment decisions.

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