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The Value Line Investment Survey - Small and Mid-Cap Edition
Program 1: Introduction

The Value Line Investment Survey - Small and Mid-Cap Edition is a publication Value Line introduced in 1995 to provide investors with information on generally smaller capitalization stocks than those included in the well known Standard Edition. Subscribers to this weekly publication receive one-page reports on approximately 1,800 companies, with each report updated four times a year.

In addition, there is a weekly Summary & Index that contains the very latest Value Line Ranks, Price/Earnings Ratio, annual dividend and dividend yield data, and the most recent quarterly earnings and dividends.

The Small and Mid-Cap Edition was introduced as the result of market research, which showed that investors were interested in information on more stocks than just those covered in The Value Line Investment Survey, but that they also wanted the information to be available at a relatively low price. Therefore, the features and information the Small and Mid-Cap Edition offers is very similar to that provided by The Value Line Investment Survey--Standard Edition. Nevertheless, we feel it important to review the specific details of what the Small and Mid-Cap Edition offers subscribers, even though it may appear to be repetitious at times.

Now for some more information on the Small and Mid-Cap Edition.

The publication contains one-page reports on approximately 1,800 mostly small-cap stocks (those with market capitalizations of less than $1 billion). Each of those pages contains a wealth of information, including:

  • UP to eight years of detailed financial history (sales, earnings per share, dividends, net profit, return on shareholders' equity, etc), including all the same categories shown in The Value Line Investment Survey
  • Per share earnings consensus estimates for the next year and/or two, if available
  • A stock price chart with monthly price ranges for as many as nine years
  • Value Line's proprietary Performance Rank (This new and unique feature is similar to Value Line's familiar Timeliness Rank. I plan to discuss it in detail in my next session.)
  • Value Line's proprietary Safety Rank
  • Value Line's proprietary Technical Rank
  • Value Line's Beta
  • Important financial Statistics, including Financial Strength, Stock Price Stability, Price Growth Persistence, and Earnings Predictability
  • Annual Rates of change for sales, cash flow, earnings, dividends, and book value for the past 5 years and 1 year
  • Quarterly Sales, Earnings and Dividends for up to five years
  • Detailed Balance Sheet Information
  • Information on Purchases, Sales, and current Holdings of the stock by Institutional Investors
  • A description of the company's Business, including the number of employees, the name of the Chief Executive Officer, and the company's address, telephone number, and Internet address
  • Total Shareholder Return for the past 3 and 6 months plus 1, 3, and 5 years (This is also a new feature. I will be discussing it in more detail in a future session.)

Again thank you for visiting us at ValueLine dot com. Have a prosperous day.

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