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The Value Line Investment Survey - Small and Mid-Cap Edition
Program 2: Overview

The Small and Mid-Cap Edition was introduced as the result of market research, which showed that Value Line Investment Survey subscribers were interested in information on more stocks, but that they also wanted the information to be available at a relatively low price. The features and information the Small and Mid-Cap Edition offers are very similar to what is provided by the Value Line Investment Survey- Standard Edition, but there are some important differences. As a result, we feel it important to review the specific details of what the Small and Mid-Cap Edition offers subscribers, even though you may be familiar with the Standard Edition.

This lesson provides you with a broad overview of the Small and Mid-Cap Edition, one of the most widely read investment advisory publications in the world.

The Value Line Investment Survey - Small and Mid-Cap Edition is a weekly publication, and it comes in two parts. Subscribers receive copies of the two parts every week. Part 1 is called the Summary and Index. Its main purpose is to help investors find information on a specific company or industry. If you need to find information on a specific company, turn to pages two through twenty-five.

There, you will find all 1,807 companies listed in alphabetical order, with the page number to the left of the company name. Also, if any supplementary (news) reports have been written about that company, the page on which the supplement appears will also be listed. If you need to find companies in a particular industry, turn to page twenty-six. There, you will find a table of industries covered in the Small and Mid-Cap Edition, listed in alphabetical order, with the edition number they are in. There are 13 editions in the Small and Mid-Cap Edition. The companies are broken into eighty-four industries.

You will also notice a great deal of additional information on a company to the right of each name. This data, which is updated every week, includes Value Line's latest Performance, Technical and Safety ranks, a stock's beta, trailing p/e ratio, current yield, last 12 months earnings, and current dividend rate. We also show the latest earnings and dividends for the most recent quarter, as well as comparisons for the similar period a year before. There are also arrows to show if the latest change in the Performance rank was up or down, and special diamond-shaped marks to highlight earnings and dividends that were reported in the past week.

We want to call your attention to the wealth of information in the back pages of the Index. There you will find interesting stock screens, sometimes called lists, such as Timely Stocks in Timely Industries (starting on page 26), and Stocks ranked 1 and 2 for Performance (starting on page 42). We will discuss the Performance rank, which is Value Line's forecast for relative stock price performance, in a coming session. Other screens include Conservative Stocks- stocks ranked 1 and 2 for relative Safety (starting on page 29), High Yielding Stocks (starting on page 31), Biggest "free-flow" Cash Generators (starting on page 32), Widest Discounts from Book Value (starting on page 34), Highest Percentage Earned on Capital (pages 36 and 37), Bargain Basement Stocks (pages 38 to 39), Highest Yielding Non-Utility Stocks (pages 40 and 41), and Best and Worst Performing Stocks (page 47). Finally, we list the 25 Smallest Market-Cap Stocks in the current Edition on the front page and the 25 Largest Market-Cap Stocks in the current Edition on the back page.

Part 2 is called Ratings & Reports. This section includes one-page reports on approximately 1,800 companies and is published weekly in 13-week cycles; each issue contains 139 company reports. It is also the place where most investors spend the majority of their time. Because there is so much information in Part 2, we will spend several sessions discussing its content and giving you an understanding of how Value Line suggests you study stocks that you already own or study ones that you are considering buying. I think that you can get some interesting ideas as we go though the individual Value Line pages.

Again thank you for visiting us at ValueLine dot com. Have a prosperous day.

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