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2014-04-15@20:58:09 ET
Deutsche Telekom AGCorporate Event Announcement Notice (WSH)

2014-04-15@19:01:10 ET
Deutsche Telekom wins EU approval for GTS acquisition (ABW)

2014-04-15@14:08:15 ET
Deutsche Telekom Makes a Move: Down 2.8% (F77)

2014-04-15@07:12:29 ET
EC clears Deutsche Telekom to buy GTS (MTN)

2014-04-15@05:13:46 ET
'Deutsche Telekom mulls bid for Telekom Slovenije - report' (DME)

2014-04-14@20:49:11 ET
Deutsche Telekom AGCorporate Event Announcement Notice (WSH)

2014-04-14@11:50:28 ET
OIF Takes Transport SDN Workshop on the Road (BIZ)

2014-04-14@05:21:27 ET
'Deutsche Telekom HR chief steps down on health grounds' (DME)

2014-04-14@05:08:11 ET
'Kabel Deutschland tops Check24.de ISP tests' (DME)

2014-04-12@15:24:09 ET
Germany : DEUTSCHE TELEKOM picks Patton to offer supply SESSION BORDER CONTROLLERS (ABW)

2014-04-12@14:42:36 ET
Germany,Sweden : ANOTHER Deutsche Telekom unit to use ZENTERIO OS (ABW)

2014-04-12@11:35:08 ET
Germany : Compliance from the cloud - for a flat rate (ABW)

2014-04-11@16:49:59 ET
OTE shareholders to vote rebranding of Romania's Romtelecom and Cosmote (ABW)

2014-04-11@05:24:13 ET
'Hrvatski Telekom supports start-ups with hub:raum' (DME)

2014-04-11@05:15:56 ET
'T-Systems delivers Big Data system for ESA' (DME)

2014-04-11@05:15:46 ET
'Deutsche Telekom salary talks reach agreement' (DME)

2014-04-11@05:10:44 ET
'Patton delivers equipment for Deutsche Telekom services' (DME)

2014-04-10@14:05:01 ET
Sellers Reduce Exposure to Shares of Deutsche Telekom on 1.7x Above-Average Volume (DTEGY) (F82)

2014-04-10@13:12:59 ET
US Patent Issued to Deutsche Telekom on April 8 for "Method and device for processing terahertz waves" (German Inventors) (ABW)

2014-04-10@09:41:34 ET
Mavenir deploys IMS HSS-FE system at T-Hrvatski Telekom (DTM)