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Fedex Corp (FDX)

2014-10-21@12:35:27 ET
FedEx Shares Climbing Higher, Up 2.6% (F77)

2014-10-21@11:25:11 ET
Top 3 Companies in the Air Freight & Logistics Industry With the Highest Forward Earnings Yield (AAWW, PKOH, FDX) (F70)

2014-10-21@08:32:53 ET
FedEx (FDX) Showing Resistance Near $157.48 (FBM)

2014-10-20@13:55:05 ET
FedEx (FDX) Showing Bullish Technicals With Support At $151.63 (FBM)

2014-10-20@11:20:33 ET
FedEx has the Lowest EV/EBITDA Ratio in the Air Freight & Logistics Industry (FDX, AAWW, AIRT) (F70)

2014-10-20@11:00:36 ET
FedEx Ground Names Entrepreneurs of the Year (BIZ)

2014-10-20@01:37:02 ET
International Brotherhood of Teamsters Reports FedEx Freight Drivers in Croydon Vote to Join Local 107 in Philadelphia (CLM)

2014-10-17@21:11:18 ET
FedEx Corp.Corporate Event Announcement Notice (WSH)

2014-10-17@17:16:03 ET
FedEx Set to Possibly Pullback After Yesterday's Rally of 2.76% (PSM)

2014-10-17@17:15:33 ET
Watch for FedEx to Potentially Pullback After Gaining 2.76% Yesterday (PSM)

2014-10-17@15:32:58 ET
FedEx (FDX) Trading Near $156.14 Resistance Level (FBM)

2014-10-17@14:15:06 ET
FedEx Team Trades Sales Reports for Cleaning Supplies to Help Pittsburgh Area Girls (TBL)

2014-10-17@09:06:18 ET
ADSI Ship-IT Shipping Software Now FedEx-Certified for FedEx Ship Manager Server v. 14.0.1 (PRW)

2014-10-17@08:52:00 ET
Triumph Group Announces Acquisition of North American Aircraft Services, Inc. (BIZ)

2014-10-17@08:10:55 ET
Short-term Underperformance Detected in Shares of FedEx in the Air Freight & Logistics Industry (FDX, EXPD, UPS, HUBG, CHRW) (F70)

2014-10-16@10:49:30 ET
FedEx (FDX) Trading Near $158.00 Resistance Level (FBM)

2014-10-16@06:22:43 ET
UK Parcels: Market Insight 2014 (MTO)

2014-10-15@10:56:32 ET
Next Support Level for FedEx (FDX) is $151.17 (F79)

2014-10-15@09:56:04 ET
Potential FedEx (FDX) Trade Has 8.36% Downside Protection (FBM)

2014-10-15@08:08:55 ET
Relatively Good Performance Detected in Shares of XPO Logistics in the Air Freight & Logistics Industry (XPO, CHRW, UTIW, EXPD, FDX) (F70)