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Spdr Gold Trust (GLD)

2014-10-24@12:41:43 ET
Midday Update: Stocks Remain Buoyant As Microsoft Q3 Beat Upstages Amazon Miss (MID)

2014-10-24@11:57:25 ET
Stocks Hold Modest Gains As Microsoft Earnings Overshadows Amazon (MID)

2014-10-23@16:12:14 ET
Closing Update: Caterpillar Earnings Trigger Stock Market Rally; Dow Pushes Through Technical Resistance (MID)

2014-10-23@16:01:25 ET
Earnings Ignite Stock Market Rally; Major Indices Finish 1%-1.6% Higher (MID)

2014-10-23@12:39:09 ET
Midday Update: Stocks Rally on Strong Earnings, Upbeat Global Economic Data (MID)

2014-10-23@12:13:38 ET
Stocks Extending Advance; Strong Q3 Earnings, Economic Data Lifting Dow to 200-Point Gain (MID)

2014-10-23@09:24:12 ET
Futures Rally on Strong Earnings (MID)

2014-10-23@08:29:44 ET
Futures Soar on Strong Earnings, Global Manufacturing Gains (MID)

2014-10-22@13:36:38 ET
Relative Strength in Gold vs. The Gold Miners Stirring Again? (ETF)

2014-10-22@12:45:44 ET
Mid-Day Update: Stocks Remain Buoyant Following More Bullish Earnings, Benign Inflation Data (MID)

2014-10-22@12:18:50 ET
Stocks Extend Gains To Day 5 on Yahoo Beat, Friendly Inflation (MID)

2014-10-21@16:07:12 ET
Closing Update: Earnings Fuel Rally on Wall Street; Technical Levels Compromised (MID)

2014-10-21@16:01:54 ET
Stocks Rally on Earnings; S&P 500 and Nasdaq Close Up for Fourth Day, Pierce Key Technical Levels (MID)

2014-10-21@13:25:54 ET
Inconspicuously, GLD Claws its Way Higher (ETF)

2014-10-21@12:32:25 ET
Midday Update: Stocks Extending Gains on Upbeat Tech Earnings, Reports ECB Looking to Add Liquitidy (MID)

2014-10-21@12:20:09 ET
Stocks Extend Gains As Positive Earnings, ECB Accommodation Prospects Fuel More Bargain-Hunting (MID)

2014-10-21@09:19:39 ET
Futures Buoyed by Upbeat Tech Earnings, Rally in Europe (MID)

2014-10-21@08:50:24 ET
Futures Advance As Earnings and Europe Fuels More Bargain-Hunting (MID)

2014-10-20@12:40:10 ET
Dow Sinks As IBM Disappoints, But S&P and Nasdaq Climb Into the Green (MID)

2014-10-20@12:36:01 ET
Stocks Trim Losses But Dow Still Weighed Down By IBM (MID)