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Spdr Gold Trust (GLD)

2014-04-24@12:34:57 ET
Midday Update: Stocks Regain Composure, Recouping Early Gains Lost to Ukraine Tensions (MID)

2014-04-24@12:14:56 ET
Stocks Recover Losses From Ukraine Disruption, Nasdaq Outperforms on Apple and Facebook (MID)

2014-04-24@10:21:05 ET
Gold Trade Largely Tecnnically Based: Futures Turn Higher - Accelerate Gains After Reclaiming Previous Level of Support (MID)

2014-04-24@09:21:59 ET
Earnings Boost Futures With Apple and Facebook Leading (MID)

2014-04-24@08:50:23 ET
Futures Gain on Tech Earnings, Bullish Durable Goods (MID)

2014-04-23@12:31:50 ET
Midday Update: Stocks Remain Weak on Home Sales, Caution Before Durable Goods (MID)

2014-04-23@12:03:09 ET
Stocks Off Post-Housing Report Lows, But Buying Remains Largely Stifled (MID)

2014-04-23@08:37:38 ET
Gold Little Changed as Traders Pause for More Economic Data, Earnings (MID)

2014-04-22@12:23:40 ET
Midday Update: Stocks Grind Higher Thanks to Earnings, Economic Data and M&A Activity (MID)

2014-04-22@12:11:11 ET
Stocks Resume Positive Trading on Earnings, Pharma Mergers, Bullish Data (MID)

2014-04-22@09:12:23 ET
Futures Reflect Investor Reluctance Despite Upbeat Earnings and Pharma M&A (MID)

2014-04-22@08:34:50 ET
Futures Treading Water Despite Drug Deals and Upbeat Earnings (MID)

2014-04-22@08:28:29 ET
Gold Inches Higher as Greenback Pulls Back from Three-Week High (MID)

2014-04-21@16:13:43 ET
Closing Update: Stocks Hold Slim Gains in Calm Before the Earnings Storm (MID)

2014-04-21@16:11:26 ET
Stocks Hold Positive Trend But Cautious Before Onslaught of Earnings (MID)

2014-04-21@12:33:37 ET
Midday Update: Stocks Grind Higher But Gains Stifled by Heavy Earnings Calendar (MID)

2014-04-21@12:20:01 ET
Stocks Moving Sideways As Wall Street Prepares for Earnings Deluge (MID)

2014-04-21@08:55:33 ET
Gold Futures Decline as Investors Turn to Stock Market (MID)

2014-04-20@17:46:35 ET
Fundamental & Technical Outlook on Commodities:- (ABW)

2014-04-17@16:16:29 ET
Closing Update: Stocks Mixed, Nasdaq Shakes Off Google Miss (MID)