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2014-04-16@09:07:26 ET
Molex Adds EXTreme Ten60Power(TM) Split Blade to its Portfolio, Delivering Greater Power Contact and Design Flexibility (BIZ)

2014-04-11@10:56:57 ET
Molex Up 37.3% Since SmarTrend Uptrend Call (MOLX) (PSM)

2014-04-10@10:57:10 ET
Global Terminal Blocks (PCB-Mounted, Power Blocks, Sectional, and Others) Market 2014-2020 (MTO)

2014-04-04@10:16:30 ET
Molex Shares Up 37.3% Since SmarTrend's Buy Recommendation (MOLX) (PSM)

2014-04-04@03:37:28 ET
Next-Generation Ethernet Market Report (MTO)

2014-04-01@09:07:23 ET
Molex Develops Only Single Connector Solution for Today's Thin-Screen LED Televisions and Monitors (BIZ)

2014-03-30@23:31:56 ET
Molex Unveils New EXTreme OrthoPower System (CLM)

2014-03-27@18:03:36 ET
Molex Has Returned 37.3% Since SmarTrend Recommendation (MOLX) (PSM)

2014-03-27@12:00:35 ET
Molex introduces new EXTreme OrthoPower system (DTM)

2014-03-25@09:07:25 ET
Molex EXTreme OrthoPower(TM) Solves High Current Design Conundrum (BIZ)

2014-03-24@08:55:22 ET
Molex introduces FlexiBend MPO/MTP flexible-boot cable assemblies (DTM)

2014-03-21@01:08:34 ET
Molex Unveils Expanded-Beam Ruggedized Optical Cable Assemblies (CLM)

2014-03-20@12:05:22 ET
Uptrend Call Working As Molex Stock Rises 37.3% (MOLX) (PSM)

2014-03-20@10:07:21 ET
Molex Unveils FlexiBend(TM) MPO/MTP Flexible-Boot Cable Assemblies (BIZ)

2014-03-18@10:04:27 ET
CDFP MSA selects Molex's zCD AOC interface for 400Gbps hot pluggable module (DTM)

2014-03-18@09:07:21 ET
Minimize Signal Transmission Failures And Costly Downtime With Molex Expanded-Beam Ruggedized Optical Cable Assemblies (BIZ)

2014-03-17@00:35:04 ET
MACOM Teams with Molex to Demo 100G Optical Connectivity (CLM)

2014-03-14@05:16:16 ET
Concise Analysis of the International Active Optical Cables Market (MTO)

2014-03-14@00:43:32 ET
MACOM Teams with Molex to Demonstrate 100G Optical Connectivity (CLM)

2014-03-13@10:54:22 ET
37.3% Return Seen to Date on SmarTrend Molex Call (MOLX) (PSM)