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Sears Hometown And Outlet Stores Inc (SHOS)

2014-04-18@12:05:35 ET
Newly Remodeled Sears Hometown Store Opens in Helena (PMZ)

2014-04-18@11:35:04 ET
Big Rapids Sears Appliance & Hardware Receives Best Small Business Award (PMZ)

2014-04-18@07:04:59 ET
Form 4: Update Filing for Sears Hometown and Outlet Stor (SHOS) (VKR)

2014-04-18@07:04:49 ET
Form 4: Update Filing for Sears Hometown and Outlet Stor (SHOS) (VKR)

2014-04-18@07:04:38 ET
Form 4: Update Filing for Sears Hometown and Outlet Stor (SHOS) (VKR)

2014-04-15@09:15:29 ET
New Owner of Lenexa Sears Outlet Store (PMZ)

2014-04-15@09:06:30 ET
New Owner of Winter Park Sears Outlet Store (PMZ)

2014-04-15@09:05:33 ET
New Owner of Jacksonville Sears Outlet Store (PMZ)

2014-04-15@09:04:29 ET
New Owner of Clearwater Sears Outlet Store (PMZ)

2014-04-15@09:03:37 ET
New Owner of Medley Sears Outlet Store (PMZ)

2014-04-15@09:03:33 ET
New Owners of Portage Sears Outlet Store (PMZ)

2014-04-14@18:31:07 ET
New Owner of Oceanside Sears Outlet Store (PMZ)

2014-04-14@18:27:44 ET
New Owner of Sears Outlet Stores in Corona and Ontario (PMZ)

2014-04-14@18:03:55 ET
New Owner at Sears Outlet Stores in Tempe and Gilbert (PMZ)

2014-04-04@13:06:20 ET
Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores Q4 net income decreases (DTM)

2014-04-02@13:27:43 ET
Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores' Franchisee Tony Lutfi Named 2014 Most Valuable Performer by Industry Trade (PMZ)

2014-03-27@17:36:54 ET
Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores, Inc. Introduces a Powerful New Line of Riding Mowers (PMZ)

2014-03-27@12:20:17 ET
New Sears Home Appliance and Mattress Showroom Store Opens in Spring (PMZ)

2014-03-27@12:07:20 ET
Attention Bargain Hunters: New Sears Outlet Store Opens in Webster (PMZ)

2014-03-26@09:40:35 ET
Sears Hometown opens new Sears Outlet store in Glendale, Arizona (DTM)