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Telefonica Sa (TEF)

2014-04-09@12:03:03 ET
Telefonica Makes a Move: Up 1.4% (F77)

2014-03-28@12:08:49 ET
Stock Investors Bid Up Shares of Telefonica, Up 1.9% (F77)

2014-03-27@14:15:55 ET
Shares of Telefonica Are Moving Higher on 1.4x Above-Average Volume (TEF) (F82)

2014-03-26@16:43:06 ET
ADRs Fall as Stocks Close Near Daily Lows; Sungy Mobile Plunges 23% (MID)

2014-03-21@10:45:56 ET
Global M2M Services Market in the Retail Industry 2014-2018: Drivers, Challenges and Trends (MTO)

2014-03-12@09:58:17 ET
Telefonica Fulfills the Promise: Up 1.9% Since Last Week's Upgrade (F70)

2014-03-12@09:52:40 ET
Telefonica Q4 net income increases (DTM)

2014-03-11@07:10:31 ET
Strict Telecom Laws to Check Mexican Duopoly (ZAX)

2014-03-06@11:29:29 ET
Telefonica Shares Climbing Higher, Up 2.3% (F77)

2014-03-05@08:05:36 ET
Upgrade Alert for Telefonica (TEF) (PSM)

2014-03-04@12:27:10 ET
M2M Market in North America 2012-2016: Many Small and Niche Players Expected to be Acquired by Global Leaders in this Emerging Market (MTO)

2014-03-03@14:06:45 ET
Trading Lower on Heavy Volume are Shares of Telefonica on 2.1x Above-Average Volume (TEF) (F82)

2014-03-01@21:11:48 ET
Telefonica SACorporate Event Announcement Notice (WSH)

2014-02-27@11:42:49 ET
Shares of Telefonica Under Pressure, Down 1.6% (F77)

2014-02-27@08:01:43 ET
Telefonica I+D and Infinera Collaborate to Demonstrate Network-as-a-Service Using SDN (INW)

2014-02-27@04:37:14 ET
Telefonica's Net Profits up by 17%, Widely Surpassing Its Debt Reduction Objective (BIZ)

2014-02-25@07:10:39 ET
Alcatel Lucent Teams with Intel, Telefonica (ZAX)

2014-02-20@06:40:11 ET
Telefonica Facilitates the First Multi-Operator 4G Roaming Experience with Participating Partners from over 15 Countries (BIZ)

2014-02-11@05:22:49 ET
Telefonica partners with LINE Euro-Americas for LINE application (DTM)

2014-02-10@21:42:07 ET
Telefonica SACorporate Event Announcement Notice (WSH)