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Ultra Petroleum Corp (UPL)

2014-04-24@17:14:00 ET
Ultra Petroleum (UPL) Trading Near $31.27 Resistance Level (FBM)

2014-04-24@14:33:50 ET
Shares of Ultra Petroleum Are Moving Lower on 1.5x Above-Average Volume (UPL) (F82)

2014-04-23@14:33:20 ET
Potential Ultra Petroleum (UPL) Trade Has 8.17% Downside Protection (FBM)

2014-04-22@15:23:25 ET
Ultra Petroleum: The Winning Streak Continues (UPL) (F71)

2014-04-22@14:51:48 ET
Potential Ultra Petroleum (UPL) Trade Has 8.08% Downside Protection (FBM)

2014-04-21@18:19:45 ET
Look for Shares of Ultra Petroleum to Potentially Pullback after Yesterday's 1.16% Rise (PSM)

2014-04-21@18:18:44 ET
Ultra Petroleum Set to Possibly Pullback After Yesterday's Rally of 1.16% (PSM)

2014-04-21@15:31:14 ET
Recent 52-Week High Exceeded in Shares of Ultra Petroleum (UPL) (F71)

2014-04-17@17:39:13 ET
Ultra Petroleum Has Returned 43.4% Since SmarTrend Recommendation (UPL) (PSM)

2014-04-17@16:04:06 ET
Ultra Petroleum (UPL) Showing Resistance Near $28.53 (FBM)

2014-04-17@15:01:02 ET
Thursday's ETF Movers: FCG, ITB (MNV)

2014-04-16@15:42:16 ET
Ultra Petroleum (UPL) Showing Bullish Technicals With Resistance At $28.61 (FBM)

2014-04-15@15:21:16 ET
Potential Ultra Petroleum (UPL) Trade Targets 9.98% Return (FBM)

2014-04-15@12:13:03 ET
Stock Investors Bid Up Shares of Ultra Petroleum, Up 1.8% (F77)

2014-04-14@21:11:52 ET
Ultra Petroleum IncCorporate Event Announcement Notice (WSH)

2014-04-14@15:48:53 ET
Ultra Petroleum (UPL) Showing Bullish Technicals (FBM)