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Xerox Corp (XRX)

2015-03-31@01:42:21 ET
Cleo Claims Xerox Partner of the Year Award (CLM)

2015-03-31@01:40:28 ET
Xerox Touts Industry Recognition (CLM)

2015-03-30@23:48:24 ET
Xerox Romania Echipamente secures contract for Photocopying services (ABW)

2015-03-30@12:17:53 ET
Stock Investors Bid Up Shares of Xerox, Up 1.9% (F77)

2015-03-30@07:18:45 ET
IT Market in BRIC 2015-2019 - Emergence of Internet of Things (MTO)

2015-03-28@21:06:08 ET
Xerox Corp.Corporate Event Announcement Notice (WSH)

2015-03-28@16:46:26 ET
Xerox of Bidding Documents (ABW)

2015-03-27@23:55:53 ET
Purchase of Xerox Machine_MSWDO_2nd Posting (ABW)

2015-03-27@17:20:41 ET
Look for Shares of Xerox to Potentially Rebound after Yesterday's 2.18% Sell Off (PSM)

2015-03-27@17:20:11 ET
Look for Shares of Xerox to Potentially Rebound after Yesterday's 2.18% Sell Off (PSM)

2015-03-27@15:32:20 ET
Telstra joins Optus on government's cloud services panel (ABW)

2015-03-27@12:59:33 ET
Printer Cartridges, Toner and Paper. (ABW)

2015-03-27@07:31:11 ET
As per the list of spare parts of XEROX (ABW)

2015-03-27@07:09:29 ET

2015-03-27@04:45:45 ET
ParkMe and Xerox Bolster Real-Time Street Parking Availability in Los Angeles (CLM)

2015-03-26@11:55:00 ET
Cleo Wins Xerox Partner of the Year Award for the 5th Consecutive Year (BIZ)

2015-03-26@02:57:53 ET
Xerox paper A- 4 size 210 x 297 mm 75 GS (ABW)

2015-03-26@02:42:01 ET
Supply and Delivery of Xerox Machine, Sb Balayan, Batangas (ABW)

2015-03-25@14:24:09 ET
Shares of Xerox Under Pressure, Down 1.9% (F77)

2015-03-25@09:43:43 ET
Xerox launches two new digital color devices (DTM)