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Value Line University

The Value Line Investment Survey

The Value Line Investment Survey is a three-part publication available to subscribers in print and on CD. Value Line University introduces you to the information The Value Line Investment Survey provides and the ways you, as an investor, can benefit from it.

Part 1—Summary & Index—is a weekly guide to the contents of The Value Line Investment Survey. It lists the page numbers for all the companies analyzed and whether the stocks have moved up or down in Timeliness over the last week. It also lists the industries that are covered as well as industry ranks. It also provides a capsule summary of essential statistics for each stock in The Value Line Investment Survey, and other current information.

Part 2—Selection & Opinion—presents Value Line's latest economic and stock market commentary, plus analysts' advice on current investment strategies, one or more interesting stock selections, and a variety of timely economic and stock market statistics. It also includes three hypothetical stock portfolios-each designed to meet a different investment objective. Click the image for a sample.

Part 3—Ratings & Reports—is the core of The Value Line Investment Survey. It provides regularly updated information and analysis on each of approximately 1,700 stocks in more than 90 different industries The Survey reports on stocks and industries in a distinctive one-page format. Information on each page is updated every 13 weeks.

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