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Analyst's Commentary

Every Value Line page contains a written commentary, describing the analyst's assessment of how the stock will perform in the future. The text section provides an opportunity for the analyst to:

  • Evaluate and interpret the data that's available
  • Explain the factors that he or she thinks are important to the forecast
  • Provide relevant additional information

The analyst's commentary is especially useful when the sales or earnings numbers don't tell the full story about a stock's performance, or when a new trend is emerging. For example, a stock might have a low Timeliness rank, but the analyst may have reason to believe that earnings will turn around in the near future.

The reverse could be true as well. The analyst might caution investors about earnings surprises, expected management changes or other factors that might make a stock less desirable than its recent history might indicate.

The commentary is the forum for explaining why conditions are likely to change, and giving the reader insight into why these changes will happen.

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